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Great season finished and bookings good for Iceland next year!

Our "old" friend Russell Sanderson is playing a livelly fish in the Jökla Canyon PoolOur "old" friend Russell Sanderson is playing a livelly fish in the Jökla Canyon Pool

The season of 2015 is winding down. Most of the salmon fishing is over and 2-3 weeks left of the sea trout season. The salmon fishing has been outstanding and many rivers, among them our very own Hrútafjarðará and Jökla, have registered record catches. Both had over 800 salmon landed which far exceeded their former records.

Overall the season in Iceland was one of the best ever, which is especially outstanding as last year was one of the worst ever. Breiðdalsá, our third salmon fishery, was ok, we had nearly 400 landed salmon there which is reasonable considering that all too frequently the river flooded due to heavy rains.

 Well known UK angler Paul Procter with a fine Breiddalsa salmon last July. Well known UK angler Paul Procter with a fine Breiddalsa salmon last July.

Sea char were also more numerous on Jökla and Breiðdalsá than in the last few years and our brown trout fishery, Minnivallalækur, was better than in recent seasons. So all good there!

We have started booking for 2016 and already we feel more interest than ever, of course due to the fantastic fishing we had this year. One item of considerable note: It is looking more and more likely next year that it will be direct flights twice a week from Gatwick London to Egilsstaðir town in east Iceland, which is a mere half an hours drive to Jökla and one hour to Breiðdalsá. So we can almost call it direct flights from Gatwick to Jökla and Breiðdalsá! This would shut down the flying first to Keflavík, being driven from there to Reykjavík for hotel and then again for domestic flight to Egilsstaðir. And then have to get to the rivers!

Also: I will be in London 6.-11. October, among other things attending The Fly Fishers Club 7.October on depate about stocking of salmon rivers. I'm hoping I get to meet as many of my friends and clients as I can while in the UK.

All the best,

Throstur Ellidaso

Good salmon fishing

Iceland seems to have one of the best salmon season ever now and most rivers report good run of fish. Our rivers are no exception and so far about 400 fish have been caught in both Jökla and Hrútafjarðará rivers and season only half so long time till end September when they close. Breiddalsa river has also more fish but several floods following heavy rain on the east coast have made fishing some days difficult and about 200 fish have beeen caught so far.

Still possible to book you salmon trip to Iceland this great season since odd openings are still left in our rivers. Please enquiry and I will then do my best to plan the best possible fishing adventure.

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