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Merry Christmas!

Hello clients and friends,

Hello clients and friends

The main salmon season is now over here in Iceland and it was in some ways a curious season.  It started brilliantly with the best mws runs we have seen for years, probably decades, yet when the grilse were supposed to keep things on track, it turned out that they had not fared as well in the ocean. The runs were below par and many of the fish small although generally in good shape. This was due to a very cold spring and early summer last year, conditions that delayed the smolting which in turn didn't happen for many of the juvenile salmon. Then the droughts started and lasted far longer than is the norm. Many rivers became very low. That also slowed the fishing down in many parts of the country. But things did pick up again as the season wore on and some rain freshened things up.

Preliminary statistics have now been released and it turns out that all in all the salmon season of 2016 was well over the average dating back to the seventies. Yet it was also well under the excellence of 2015. Our rivers did quite well, all things considered. Jökla led the line with 585 landed salmon, while Hrúta had a total of 551 salmon. Breiðdalsá finished with 375 fish which is not bad considering that we fish it over a shorter season then before, also with less rods per day. All our rivers had good mws runs and all recorded salmon into the twenties.

Trout fishing in Iceland was generally outstanding and our main trout river, Minnivallalækur had an increase since last year. Also char runs on the Breiðdalsá and Jökla were excellent.

We have started booking for next season, which has the promise of big grilse runs due to the excellent conditions in the rivers this year. While the currency matters might not favor foreign anglers at the moment, especially anglers coming from Great Britain, we would like to point out that our rates have long been among the best in the country and in many rivers you could pay more and do worse! So good value and dont forgett that our lodges are some of the finest in the country offering first class service to the travelling fisherman.

Also I would like to add, that I will be in London over 23-26.October and hope to meet as many friends as possible. Should you wish for info, please do not hesitate to be in touch.

Throstur Ellidason

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