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Action video from Jökla river!

I have just put togheter a video taken from Jökla river system last season. It was taken in tributary named Kaldá (Cold river) not far from the fishing lodge. This pool as many other new pools in this ever growing river system had never been fished before in that season untill I fished it. In short story I landed there 13 salmon and lost another 8 in less than a four hours and some of that action can be seen here. For example the reel failed in fish number two so it was little tricky  playing each fish after that. Most of the fish where either kept alive in nearby ponds before transfer to hatchery to be used for brood stocking, or released back into the river.

The video is about 11 min long and finish with a famous Icelandic song about salmon fishing, what else!

See video (To avoid any misunderstanding only two fished where killed to begyn with which had bad landing due to reel had broken and where also tagged grilse from smolt releasing program so neccessarry to kill them to get the tag back. Others where released unharmed or lifted up to tank who arrived in the midd of the action and transfered to hatchery to secure future smolt program on this river!)


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