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We will be in EWF Flyfishing show in Germany next week 23-24 October

The season of 2021 is over and it has been interesting. All in all, it was a pretty average season which is not to bad by Icelandic standards.

Our main system, Jökla, finished with 540 salmon which is is not as good as last season alas we had the overflow from the dam earlier than we expected due to the enduring heatwave in the northeast. The river had a good number of fish and next season we will take the mountain beat into the main rotation. Still only max 8 rods fishing the whole river which make huge variety of fishing and pools. Forecast looks therefore good and already high pressure for bookings next year in this river.


We will also be ready with more accommodation space in Jökla lodge for next season so trout fishing for sea-run arctic char, sea-trout and brown trout is also ideal to combine with few days of salmon fishing in this massive river system.

Breiðdalsá continues to be problematic, the heatwave all summer, no water, so few one fishing as a result. But when the heavens opened in September we had lively runs and good catches.

Hrúta! The north of Iceland seemed to be very dull and most of the rivers where in that bracked. Hrúta however, despite the low water levels most of the summer, delivered the same catches as last season. Which is something to charish in a difficult season.

Then, on to our trout river Minnivallalækur: It was a fairly good season, and many where 50 to 68 cm, the old giants however fewer than usual. Dying of old age. But here is a lot of smaller juvenile trout up and coming in the river, so that outlook is good.

Dont hesitate to contact us sooner than later since Iceland seems to be more popular than ever! And we be at EWF show next weekend near Munchen and look forward to meet many of our friends and clients there.

Throstur Ellidason

Few remain openings for salmon fishing in Iceland!

THANKFULLY, AND IN spite of all the problems that Covid-19 has been throwing at us over the last year, it looks like the 2021 season will go ahead and we will be able to share good times on the river bank once more. And what a wonderful prospect that is.

There have been some very important changes made to the tackle disinfection regulations. Despite all of the disappointments and disruptions to travel that the pandemic has caused, one good thing has come out of it for anglers visiting Iceland. That is from now on fishing tackle disinfection will be done at the fishing lodge.


This year’s fishing season in Iceland has been almost fully booked since Christmas time. Obviously there have been a lot of rollover weeks from last year, but even so, many of the remaining rods were taken up enthusiastically by local and foreign anglers who are very keen to get back on river again and fish.

Our availability list for 2021 is pretty limited at the moment but there are some very good combination trips to be had with fishing on the Jokla and Breiddalsa:

29 June to 4 July - Here is a wonderful opportunity to fish both rivers for 2 rods. This is six days fishing for the big fish that we are expecting after the huge run of grilse we had last season in Jökla, which was one of the best in all Icelandic rivers. We are hopeful of good early season fishing for 2SW salmon this year.

7 to 13 July - There is 1 rod available fishing here that should provide good numbers of 2SW salmon mixed with the start of the grilse run.

10 to 16 July - There are 2 rods available here with more mix of grilse along with 2SW salmon.

4 to 13 August - This is another option for 2-3 rods available in three different lodges, Jökla, Upper Jökla and Breiðdalsa rivers at a prime time of the season for those lodges.

Look forward to assist you!

Throstur Ellidason

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