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News from Iceland

Hello friends!

The sea trout season started as usual April 1rst and was awesome with a number of rivers recording record statistics. There has been an upswing in sea trout stocks in Iceland in recent years and the only question remaining is weather it has reached its peak. The sea trout were in huge numbers and among the landed fish were a number of monsters, 80 cm plus, the largest we have heard of being 96 cm. Genetically these are the same brown trout that the lake Þingvallavatn is now world famous for. We are in doubt that native brown trout and sea trout are anywhere to be found in this category anywhere in the world...


Our spring fishing destination is Minnivallalækur which harbours a stock of these ice age brutes. The start in early April was slow due to cold conditions but it recovered as spring wore on. Above is one of these  monster "dinosure" trout this river has and taken last April.

We can´t wait for salmon season and we are optimistic it will be a good one. So, please contact us if you wish to come. We have some last minute openings, among others end of July on the Breiðdalsá, also third week of August, both total prime time openings. Also, on Jökla, 12.-16th July and 4.-9th August. Again on Jökla in mid August. Minni has openings here and there, even in June and July which are normally fully booked.

We will be in EWF Flyfishing show in Germany next week 14-15 April

Above are photo from our stand in London last month, next stop is EWF World of Fly Fishing near Munchen next weekend 14-15 April. Strengir are again with stand near the entrance of Stadtsaal on first floor. We will have some last minute offer for fishing this coming season in Iceland and we look forward to meet friends and anglers again at this great Fly Fishing show!

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