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The Iceland Government has announced that all COVID-19 restrictions in Iceland will be lifted today on the 25th of February — domestically, as well as at the border.(More information can be found at

At last a semblance of normality, as we knew it prior to 2019! This means that things are back to normal for those traveling to fish in Iceland this summer with no testing and the speeding up the arrival and departure process at Keflavik International Airport.


It looks as though we are in for a busy season and sales all around the country seem to be good. Iceland is not fully booked up though and I’m glad to say that there there is still some fishing available on our rivers.

We have been busy this winter refurbishing the lodge at Minnvallalaekur and all will be ready by the end of April. This river has become very popular with trout anglers from Scandinavia, who tend to return every year, but here are still some good dates available. Also we have some openings for sea-run arctic char, sea-trout and brown trout in our rivers in east Iceland Breiðdalsá and Jökla rivers.

The Jökla continues to excite and I can’t wait to see what revelations come to light this summer. Will the salmon be found even further upstream than they were last year? Last season saw new pools being discovered in the middle and upper reaches of the river and it is heartening to see that a natural stock of fish is gaining a foothold in that part of the river. The new 2 x rod beat rotation for 2022 has been designed to harness the potential of this most scenic part of the valley. And don’t forget, last year was a very good year for large salmon with the Jökla producing more 2SW fish than any other river.

The lodge has been extended and upgraded over the winter. The facilities have been improved and a sauna added.

Current availability is:

Opening Day!

  • 27 June - 4 July: 2 x rods. Big fish time.
  • 13 - 20 July: 4 rods

A more relaxed option is a Jökla or Breiðdalsa combination, offering good salmon fishing on the Jökla and char, trout and salmon on the Breiðdalsa.

  • 20 - 26 July: 2 x rods

We are blessed in Iceland because we have a stable, safe country that is within 3-hours flying time of most European capitals. We should also remember that once anglers arrive in Iceland, even the most distant rivers are within an hour’s domestic flight from Reykjavik. Please get in touch to discuss your needs if any of the above, or other, is of interest to you.

With best wishes from Iceland,

Throstur Ellidason

Angling Service Strengir

Smárarimi 30

112 Reykjavík

Phone: (354) 660 6890

Fax: 31 848679026