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Titanic start to the season on Tungulaekur river

 Tungulækur river, the best sea-trout river in Iceland!Tungulækur river, the best sea-trout river in Iceland!

Titanic start to the season on Tungulaekur river 6. April 2011 In our wildest dreams we would not have predicted the kind of start that we have been offered on Tungulaekur despite the fact that this particular river always grabs the main headlines from day one.
Following a very respectable tally of 31 sea trout to the three rods on the first day, a day marred by a blizzard that did not let up until late in the afternoon, the following day seemed to take place on some other planet, some unearthly sea trout fishing planet. On that day, last Saturday, the three rods hooked, landed and released 117 sea trout! And hooked and lost just as many. The guides were joking that these guys would not get their backs straight again for weeks. Then, over the past two days a new group took over. They had to deal with cold weather and a lull in the fishing on Sunday, but then had a weather change yesterday, triggering another furious day of fishing, although they landed "just" 50 sea trout.
The thing is, that despite the warm weather for at least ten days prior to the opening of the river, it is still stacked with fish and the sea trout are showing no signs at all that leaving for the salt is pending. Some say that it is because the glacial mother river Skaftá is low, clear and cold these days and that the trout are more likely to move out when it warms up and turns muddy again. Whatever the reason, the potential of the spring fishery this year is outstanding to say the least. We have been fishing this river for years now and the trout are usually still in good numbers well into May, so we just might have a record on the cards this year.
And it is fair to say, that it is still possible to book spring fishing on Tungulaekur. We still have a few openings, so contact us. And also late summer and in fall is again prime time in this river and book your slot then in this outstanding sea-trout river without having to travel to world´s end since we are only 3 hours from most European country´s.
Minnivallalaekur started on Friday as well. It is further inland than Tungulaekur so the blizzard that raged that day had a geater effect there. Still, two fine browns were landed and anglers fishing the river were at least treated to seeing the huge trout skulking in the river. We are expecting further news on how the fishing in "Minni" has developed over the past few days.


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