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Salmon season looking good!

The Upper Beljandi Falls are already with good number of salmon in the pool!The Upper Beljandi Falls are already with good number of salmon in the pool!

The salmon season is off with a considerable bang in Iceland. Many of the main rivers have started and done well despite us having had one of the coldest springs for years (perhaps even decades). Our rivers though are late starters, Breiddalsa, Jokla and Hruta not starting until the 1rst of July. According to our latest reports we have rather more than reasonable grounds for optimism. According to a client who happened to have some bussiness close to Breiddalsa, he had a look at the pools beneath both the Beljandi falls and what he saw made him jump!

Both pools were actually packed with big mws's. Never before have so many salmon been seen so early in the year in the river and we are hoping that this is a sign of big mws runs this year. Our client sent us an e-mail, and went so far as to predicting that this had to be the start of a new record season! Well, we'll have to see on that but this exceptional sighting of course adds to our optimism. Plus, due to the cold spring and early summer, snow fields are melting slowly, which will favour the water levels in the long run. Earlier seasons have seen short and long term periods of low water levels. This might not happen this year due to the weather so far. We might add, that there are still a few prime time availabilities on Breiddalsa, namely late July and 28.-31.August. So please be in touch if you are interested. If we can guarantee anything, then that would be a river full of salmon.

There have also been sightings on Hrúta which has been doing well over the years. We have had less news from the Jokla system, although there has been news of good sea char runs in that area.

did fantastically well over the spring season and was providing high class fly fishing far further into the spring than usual. Not many people have fished the river recently but those who have had a look have done well with arctic char and the resident trout, which are quite big by any standards. Sea-trout runs start begyn again in August and we finish not untill 20. October and by far this is he best sea-trout river in Iceland. Few remain openings are left in this superb fishing.

Minnivallalaekur has been hit by the cold spring and endless high north winds. The fishing has been slightly sub standard due to this, but most groups have been doing ok, all things considered. What never changes is, that the fish are there, even if the elements stiffle the anglers.


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