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Video of Breiðdalsa biggest salmon in 2010 season!

Richard with his huge salmon just before releasing it back to the "Cliff Pool" (Skammadalsbreiða) in Breiðdalsá river.Richard with his huge salmon just before releasing it back to the "Cliff Pool" (Skammadalsbreiða) in Breiðdalsá river.On it a great friend of ours, Richard Arnold, is in the process of landing 2010's biggest Breiddalsa salmon, a massive 106 cm, around 27-28 lb cock fish. Its diameter was pretty impressive as well, 50 cm, no less! Richards wife, Annie was behind the lens and kept her composure pretty well, which is not surprising as she is herself an experienced angler and she has landed her own salmon on the Breiddalsa, more than one, in the 18 to 20 pound category. We might add, that it took Richard 40 minutes to subdue this huge salmon, and Tommi Baldvinsson, his guide made more than one effort to get it into the landing net before he actually managed it. It was just so damn big!

We were poised to rush the salmon to the hatchery confinement, but Richard instead wished to release it, so that's what we did in the end. All this happened on July the 11th and later that day an 18 pounder was also landed, as well as several mws's, so obviously we had a good run of big salmon around that time.

We are pretty well booked on the Breiddalsa for 2011, but we still have availabilities though, so do not hesitate to call us and see if what we have fits your plans. There are also possibilities on our neighbouring Jökla system. As for Breiddalsa, we doubled the number of released smolts in 2010 so the grilse runs this year should be massive. As we had an excellent grilse run last year, we expect a big run of bigger salmon as well. To make a long story short, we fully expect our new record of some 1.200 salmon, set in 2010, to be blown away this season.


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