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Forecast for 2021 season looks promising!

Hello Friends and clients

The season of 2021 will start shortly, April the 1rst is the opening day when quite a lot of rivers and lakes open up for fishing, although weather conditions rule things up here and quite often April can be difficult despite spring being in the air.

Everybody is looking at Covid-19 and how the pandemic may influence traveling. As it stands, Iceland is the only "green" country on the European continent and for quite a while now we have had nearly zero infection per day and the infected have already been in quaranteen. Despite all the bookings are very good, even better than last year when no one knew that C19 was coming. This is probably due to the fact that traveling anglers are not like the typical tourist that puts his trip off for a better time. Anglers need their fishing. The season of 2021 is looking good. Our east coast rivers have a lot of snow to feed on through out the season and both the Jökla and Breiðdalsá have been improving per year. We are expecting both to perform well this year. Our brown trout haven Minnivallalækur also had a generally speaking good season last year and we expect the same this year, the river is very consistent. We are well booked but still have openings, so please feel free to contact us for information.

Because of the vaccine rollout, and the travel regulations, we think that from July it might be very attractive this coming summer. And following our experience of 2020 season which was a success for those who did travel to us we have gained new experience and understanding to continue to provide secure and first class service for the coming season. Just get in touch and we do our best to connect you to our salmon and trout here in Iceland!

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