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Hello to you all

From Breiðdalsá river, and due to chancellation we do have few rods now available there in late July 2011!From Breiðdalsá river, and due to chancellation we do have few rods now available there in late July 2011!Up here in Iceland we are feeling the advancement of spring. It is still of course the dead of winter but the endless darkness is ebbing away as the days are lengthening and for a while now we have had a rather warm spell with little or no frost.

So we are shaping up for the coming season and would first like to call your attention to our new website that we are very proud to produce, our good old name of course. I would like to mentione that in the new Icelandic version can now be found under Breiðdalsa and Jökla fishing two english films about these rivers under the program "Gamefishers Fisher´s Diary" taken in late July 2010. However are English version has been slightly delayed and we will keep you up to date on those developments but the old version still give good information. And you should not dwell on it booking dream trip to Iceland. The country seems to be more popular than ever and that includes the fishing. I don't think that we have ever sold our rivers so fast and early. Yet, you are not to late, we still have openings on both Breiddalsa and the Jökla system, plus we now have the exclusive rights to Tungulaekur, Icelands phenomenal sea trout river. We still have outstanding openings for both the spring and autumn sessions, as well as the underrated mid summer trout and salmon fishing. But they are disapearing fast. The chance of combining Tungulaekur with a trip to Minnivallalaekur is surely mouth watering, as both these world class rivers are on the south coast and quite close. Oh, and we have ONE rod available on Hruta, at the end of July and into August, one of the countries top, top salmon rivers.

The season here starts on April the 1rst, so there is just this one month left and then we're off, starting with Minni and Tungulaekur. Be in touch, you won't regret it.

All the best, Throstur Ellidason


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